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You will find that we are not the cheapest pool inspectors out there, but we do offer tremendous value for money. We are fast, reliable, and offer various services to assist with getting your pool compliant.

Pool Fence Safety Inspection

Residential sized pool, including up to 2 gates. Additional fee for more gates.


$275 + GST

Re-inspection (outside CBD)

Re-inspections are required if the fence is non-compliant upon initial inspection.


$175 + GST

Re-inspection (within CBD)

Due to costs incurred while completing inspections in the heart of Sydney (travel, tolls etc)


$275 + GST

Additional Gates

Each additional access point after the first two incur an extra fee.


$25 + GST

There may be additional costs associated with your inspection not listed here. Please call 1300 866 463 with any questions, we are always happy to talk through the options to find what’s best for you.

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