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Pool Safety Laws vary depending on which state your property is located in


I have doors that open up onto the pool area. Do they comply?

It depends. If your pool fence was constructed before 1990, and the doors are compliant with the laws that applied at the time, you may be entitled to continue to use the doors as a barrier. We will inspect your pool barrier and compare it to the Standards that existed when the pool was built (or substantially altered) to give you the best chance of continuing to comply with earlier standards.

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I thought only Councils did pool inspections?

No, that is wrong.

Accredited A1, A2 & A3 Certifiers can also do inspections, which is who mypoolinspection has partnered with.

Here’s why we recommend against going to Council for inspections:

• Council dont have the staff. You’ve heard it through the media. The reason the government has pushed back the trigger date (twice) is because Councils dont have the manpower. mypoolinspection does and is ready NOW.

• Councils issue “Directions” and “Enforcement Notices”, which only give the Landlord 28 DAYS to fix fence problems.

• Councils threaten $550 FINES if you dont have it done in 28 DAYS. mypoolinspection does NOT issue fines.

• Councils look at everything in the backyard, not just the pool, which could bring on more “Directions”. mypoolinspection only look at the pool barrier.

Here’s a tip…ask to see a copy of a sample “report” from the Council before you pay them to inspect your pool

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I am selling my house. Do I need a Compliance Certificate?

You can sell your house with or without a Compliance Certificate up to 29th April 2016. But, many purchasers may be reluctant to buy your house if they dont know whether the pool barrier is compliant. We recommend that you get one to give your property a better chance of selling.

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Can I rent my house to tenants without a Compliance Certificate?

Yes, until 29th April 2016 you can rent your house with or without a Compliance Certificate. But, we recommend that you arrange your inspection now, so that you do not experience delays as April approaches. Bottlenecks with shortages of inspectors and repairers will start well before December 2015.

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